Junior College Science Museum The idea of setting up a science museum goes back to 1995 when the Junior College was set up. A committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Joseph Sciriha was formed and old equipment started to be collected. The museum now boasts of over 200 exhibits. The main problem facing the committee is that the place has become too crowded with exhibits. It is hoped that more rooms will be allocated for the expansion of this educational project.

Last year the dilapidated collected items started to be restored to scientific and historical exhibits. A good number of them are now in working order and the serious commitment of each member of the committee ensures continual improvement.

The aim of the committee is not just to create a collector's museum but that it should also be an informative and interactive one. The modem concept of a science museum is to provide students, and the public in general, with an opportunity for informal science education. The access to old equipment could light up the necessary spark for the meaningful learning of science. Even though the setting up of the museum is still in its initial stages, many groups of students from different educational institutions have already visited it.

The future grows out of the present but only with the understanding of the past. Three words should be associated with a science museum, namely wonder, understanding and progress and it is the purpose of the Junior College Science museum to give meaning to all three.

80 year old Ruhmkorff coil on exhibition at the Junior College Science Museum

23 January 2001