Former Members to join KSU in Centenary Celebrations

KSU, the university Students Council, has organised a programme of events between February 27 and March 11 to celebrate its first centenary since the constitution of the first executive committee representing university students approved in March 1901 as the Comitato Permanente Univesitario.

The events will be held in honour of all those who have served on the council in its course as Comitato Pernmanente Universitario (CPU), Students Representative Council (SRC), Kunsill Rapprezentativ ta' L-Istudenti (KRS), or Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU).

All activities will be held under the patronage of President Guido de Marco.

The KSU is also urging former members to loan relevant material of memorabilia in their possession to feature in a historic exhibition.

To kick off the celebration on February 27, Dr. Georg Sapiano will interview several personalities who served on the student body at the University's Sir Temi Zammit Hall. A 10-day exhibition to complement the celebrations will be inaugurated at Students House afterwards.

Several professionals and students have been cast in Dr Antonio Tufigno's Maltese satirical farce which will be staged at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall on February 27and 28.  Dr Tifugno, a recent graduate is also the main protagonist.

A centenary soiree, to be staged at the St.Aloysius College, Birkirkara, on March 3 and 4, feature a cast of over 300 students.  There will be ethnic, Spanish and contemporary choreographies, jazz recitals, a cappella, alternative theatrical performances and mini concerts. The highlights of the programme will be the Voices choir, composed primarily of present and former University students.

The Charities Campaign on March 7 is the revival of the renowned charities campaign which had ceased because of the medical students' dispute that characterised the Seventies.

This initiative, which is open to students and the public, will have the patronage of the President, the Archbishop and other bishops, University Rector Roger Ellul Micallef , and others.  Proceeds will go to philanthropic organisation which is participating in the activities.

The campaign will be launched in Valletta and will be followed by various gigs and musical items by student bands and competitions.  Groups of students will also be collecting funds from all areas of the islands.

All activities will be drawn to at close at Bay Street's Artisian Market, culminating in a music food and drink festival featuring popular local band Winter Moods, duo Gianni and Colin and local DJs.

A classical concert by the National Orchestra, directed by Mro. Brian Schembri, will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, on March 9.  The Programme includes works by Beethoven and Brahms.

February 2001