Intensive Language Preparation Courses Malta, through the Socrates Office, has been given the rights and the responsibility by the European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture for the organisation of the Intensive Language preparation Courses (ILPCs) amongst European countries with lesser widely used and lesser widely spoken languages. In the context of the Socrates-Erasmus activities involving the mobility of persons, adequate language preparation should be provided in order to ensure that the beneficiaries possess the necessary competence in the languages of instruction in the host establishment.

Malta will become the clearing house for the ILPC, with the Socrates Office running the whole unit. A website that will be officially launched at the end of January, will be hosted in Malta, and students around Europe will be able to access it to apply for language courses which will be organised in various European Universities. Malta will be acting as coordinator of all the programmes taught in other universities, whilst the University of Malta is planning to develop a Centre for the teaching of European Languages for foreign students in the framework of the Socrates Programme. The Centre intends to promote three courses in lesser widely taught and lesser widely spoken languages including Maltese, Italian and Slovenian.

The courses in Malta will commence in Summer 2001 and all participants will be receiving a grant from the European Commission to support their mobility during the course for their linguistic preparation. Even teachers and professors are eligible for the grant from the European Commission. Through the organisation of this new activity the Maltese Language will start to enjoy a new increased popularity among foreigners who will come to Malta to learn Maltese in preparation for their study or teaching periods.

For further information please contact
Socrates Office, Tel: 3290 2204

March 2001