Department of Medicine staff honoured Professor Joseph Azzopardi, Dr Emanuel Farrugia and Dr Myra K. Tilney of the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery were recently elected to the Fellowship of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (FEFIM) at the third Congress of the Federation, which was jointly hosted by the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. The fellowship is bestowed on those 'who have distinguished themselves individually in the clinical, educational or professional aspects of internal medicine'.

A paper entitled 'European Union (EU) accession and its Impact on Internal Medicine in a pre-accession country-Malta: the Wider Implications'; was presented by Dr Myra K Tilney, co-authored with Dr Terence Tilney and Professor J Azzopardi. This addressed the process and changes currently affecting healthcare as Maltese medicine strengthens its regulatory structures, as well as the  outcomes and their potential impact. Dr Emanuel Farrugia was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. The conference addressed the scientific and professional aspects of internal medicine, including education and continuing professional development in Europe.