Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association
On Wednesday 13th June, 2001 the Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association (M.E.E.R.E.A.) was established.
The main objectives of the Association are to support all efforts to:
- promote discussion on energy related issues among energy actors including consumers and energy decision-makers in Malta;
- support the organisation of training courses for energy actors and energy decision makers in Malta;
- promote the implementation of dissemination (marketing, promotion) activities;
- promote sustainable energy policies that emphasise energy efficiency and use of renewable energies in Malta;
- facilitate information exchange among energy related actors;
- strengthen the co-operation between Maltese energy actors and those in the Mediterranean countries and EU member states. A valuable and significant step in this direction is the strong links and relations of the Association with the activities and results of the Project entitled "Euro Mediterranean Energy Policy Training Network", supported and implemented within the framework of the MEDA Programme of the European Commission.  In the same respect, the Association will seek the broad acceptance for the development of sustainable energy policies within the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and broad representation of all stakeholders in the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum, in particular of industrial and non-governmental associations promoting conservation and renewable energies.

The Administrative Council is composed of six members as follows:
Mr Edward Scerri, President
Dr Vincent Buhagiar and Ms Vanya Walker-Leigh, Vice-Presidents
Ing. Robert Farrugia, Treasurer
Dr Ian Tomlin, Member,
Mr Charles Yousif, Secretary General

Membership is open to all students (Lm 2), individuals (Lm 5), representatives of Private and Public Entities (Lm 100) and Patrons (Lm 50, minimum), per annum.

Further information may be obtained by visiting the website:
You may also contact the President, tel. no. 330400 or the Secretary General on 650675 or send a letter to:

The President
c/o Institute for Energy Technology
Triq il-Port Ruman
Marsaxlokk - ZTN 09