University of Malta - MITTS The Board of Studies for IT has over the years sought close collaboration with the IT industry. This has allowed our students to be provided with work experience in the Industry, and participation by a considerable number of IT firms in the annual exhibition of IT students' projects.

In Malta the biggest IT company is MITTS Ltd which provides IT services to Government. In view of this, the BoS IT started talks with MITTS to look at ways of collaboration giving our students certain services and facilities. Primarily this agreement allows all the students in the B.Sc. IT course the benefit from a summer training spread over five or six weeks at the end of the first year. The emphasis is on the word training as the students will be exposed to different work operations and systems over the duration of the training. MITTS has the necessary broad area of expertise and services to provide an appropriate basic IT training.

MITTS is also sponsoring, at the University Library, the Periodicals of the American Society of Computing Machinery, ACM, which is a set of monthly periodicals, approximately 17  on the area of Informatics and Computing that would be of major help for the students during their projects. Of course these periodicals will be available at the Library for any interested user.

The two above services require a substantial annual outlay by MITTS Ltd. for their provision. MITTS Ltd believes that from such a collaborative framework both the company and the University will develop further in terms of increased opportunities, exposure, and a broader and deeper IT knowledge. MITTS Ltd and the BoS IT agree on the need to further advance the information society on a broader front and at a deeper level. This collaboration will not only be beneficial to both organisations, but will also be beneficial to MITTS employees, IT students and lecturers, and the IT industry in general.

MITTS is also taking a considerable number of our students for summer work, and is also sponsoring students with a view of eventual employment.

We hope that this agreement based initially on a three year period will be of mutual benefit and will lead to more collaboration especially in the area of postgraduate studies and research.

12 June 2001