New Parking Arrangements on Campus At present, the University campus can accommodate around 2000 cars at any one time. This includes the use of all car parks and both sides of the ring road. From 1st November car parks 1, 2, 3, 5 and part of 6, which contain spaces for between 700 and 800 cars, will be reserved for academic and administrative & technical staff while car park 4 and most of 6, as well as the ring road, will be available for students. In this way, students will have access to around 1300 spaces.

Each member of staff has been issued with a permit which will have to be shown at the entrance to the car park where there will be attendants until at least 1300hrs. Tenders for electronic barriers are currently being considered.

These new arrangements are aimed at easing the confusion of cars on campus which could so easily lead to unfortunate accidents. Entrances must be kept clear for the security of both students and staff.

Regulations concerning clamping are being formulated and will be considered by the University Council. However, it should be made clear that clamping will only be resorted to in the case of dangerous obstruction.  This would include the blocking of passage ways and entrances to car parks; the obstruction of parking bays for the disabled and parking on pavements.

22 October, 2001