Launch of the Professional Development Portfolio The "Professional Development Portfolio" which was launched recently, has been developed through a collaborative initiative by the Faculty of Education and the Education Division to encourage the professional development of student teachers. It will serve to bring together a collection of information about a teacher's practice such as lesson plans, student assignments, teachers' written descriptions of their instruction and formal evaluations by supervisors.  However, the portfolio is also more than simply a collection of artifacts. What distinguishes it from a mere scrapbook or album of events is the thought and reflection that goes into the development of a portfolio. It is the means by which student teachers can show their successes and the process of thought and reflection that influenced their growth and development as professional teachers.

The main aims of the portfolio are to enable student teachers to critically evaluate and reflect on the work that they have carried out throughout their course of study, to create a link between theory and practice, to provide authentic evidence of the skills which they have acquired in order to give them greater ownership over their own learning while providing them with a final presentation document which they can use for future employment.

16 January, 2001