Science Dean's Awards

 The Dean's Awards for excellence in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics were initiated for the first time in 1994/1995.  At this year's ceremony, the University Rector, Professor Roger Ellul-Micallef, presented twelve awards to the top three students in each of the four years of the B.Sc. (Hons) course during the academic year 2000/2001.  In congratulating the students on their achievement, the Rector emphasised the country's need for well-trained scientists while the Dean of the Faculty, Professor A.J.  Vella also expressed his satisfaction at the fact that such high quality students are found in our Science Faculty.

The Dean's Awards for excellence in the Sciences for the academic year 2000/2001 were presented to successful students.  The students on the Dean's List were:

First Year
Joel Azzopardi (Physics & Computer Science & AI)
Sarah Buttigieg (Maths & Statistics & OR)
Jonathan Henwood (Biology & Chemistry)

Second Year
Michael Caruana (Maths & Statistics & OR)
Pierre Sandre Farrugia
Vincent Mercieca (Maths & Physics)

Third Year
Peter Borg (Maths & Statistics & OR)
Kevin Mizzi (Maths & Physics)
Mireille Treeby (Biology & Chemistry)

Final Year
Alfred Aquilina (Chemistry & Physics)
Claudette Mifsud and Danielle Zrinzo (Biology & Chemistry).

The Faculty of Science today comprises seven departments.  In addition to the traditional sciences, the Faculty has also expanded to include the newer disciplines in Information Technology, having both a department of Computer Information Systems as well as another department dedicated to Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.  The most recent addition is the Department of Statistics and Operations Research.  Research is being carried out in several fields but particular areas of interest include marine biology, environmental chemistry, alternative energy devices, algebraic graph theory and combinatorics, systems analysis and design, multimedia authoring environments and stochastic processes.

17 December 2001