UNESCO Chair in Mediterranean Education Studies The Comparative Education Programme in Euro-Mediterranean Studies (CEPems) of the Faculty of Education has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO Chair in Mediterranean Education Studies. UNESCO Chairs are granted to projects that facilitate the development of areas of knowledge that are central to the concerns of UNESCO, and that enhance the co-operation between communities of scholars in the North and South.

The CEPems co-ordinator, Dr Ronald G. Sultana, has also been entrusted with the role of directing the UNITWIN Network of Mediterranean Education Scholars. UNITWIN Networks also fall within the framework of activities led by UNESCO'S Higher Education Division, where the goal is to create University networks focused around specific areas of scholarly interest in order to enhance development in all its aspects.

Achievements of CEPems include the biannual publication of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, of which the tenth issue has just been published; the management of an internet-based data resource centre on education in the region; and the organisation of an annual Seminar on educational concerns in the Mediterranean. This yearís seminar will be focusing on "Education and Power", and is being hosted within the MedMeet series of Workshops organised by the European University Institute in Firenze in March, under the leadership of Dr Ronald Sultana and Professor Míhammed Sabour.

Key CEPems research that has been published or that is in the process of preparation include in-depth studies on trends in higher education in the region (edited by R. Sultana  and S. Guri-Rosenblit); education and multilingualism in the Mediterranean (edited by Ingo Thonhauser); and case studies of inclusive education (edited by Helen Phtiaka). An analytic compendium of educational innovation in the region, edited by R. Sultana and currently in press (Peter Lang Inc., New York) has been described by one reviewer as a "pioneering new work [which] provides a unique analysis of education in the MediterraneanÖ The volume combines impressive scope with a penetrating focus on issues of educational innovation. Above all, this represents a major contribution to the underdeveloped area of regional studies in education, deftly capturing both the essential diversity and unity of education and culture in the Mediterranean region. Both original and highly readable, this should provide a standard reference work on the subject for some years to come." (Professor Andy Green, University of London Institute of Education).

8 January 2001