Villaggio Globale in Malta In the coming week, the Theatre Studies Programme of the University of Malta, in collaboration with the Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja (KKU) and the Istituto Culturale Italiano, is hosting a group of Italian actors from Stalker Teatro who will be working on the project Villaggio Globale, together with students from the Theatre Studies Progamme. Students from the drama school Mikelang Borg and tutors from the drama unit have also been invited to attend.

Stalker teatro is specialised in what is termed as La Drammaturgia dell'Ambiente, that is, working with and within the social, psychological and physical framework of the people and the country where they are to perform. This project was first set up in Biella in September 1999 within the international festival Differenti Sensazioni, and again presented in April 2000 within BIG - Biennale di Arte Emergente.

The core group of twelve actors will interact with the students in a series of intensive workshops to be held throughout the following week. Taking as their starting point previous experiences from other similar projects, the actors will integrate these experiences with the work of the students. The development of this encounter will lead to a collective performance to be held on Saturday 31st March at 8.00 pm and Sunday 1st April at 7.00 pm at the MITP theatre, (Old University) St. Christopher Street, Valletta.  Members of the public who are interested in attending are required to phone the Communications Office on 32902828 as the number of places available is limited. Tickets are Lm2 each.

23 March 2001