School Visits to the Argotti Gardens

For the past three years the botanical section of the Argotti Gardens has been undergoing extensive rehabilitation.  Considerable changes have been made including a purpose built herbarium to house the collection of dried plants.  Works have now advanced considerably and the gardens will gradually be opened to the public.  The University has had possession of these gardens since 1855, except for some 23 years when they were administered by the Department of Agriculture.  Its history is intricately linked with the study of botany, natural history and some of the medical sciences. Indeed, part of the collections at the Argotti Gardens is connected with the study of Medicine and Surgery at the Order's Infirmary and the Physic garden that was located in the ditches of Fort St Elmo, and started some time after 1676.

To promote the educational value of the gardens, an invitation is being extended to schools for organised tours available during the scholastic year.  One hour visits are envisaged, comprising a short talk, tour of the gardens and some hands-on practical exercises.  Groups should not exceed 25 students and must be accompanied by a teacher. Two groups from the same school may be accommodated in the same morning. Talks and tours will be adapted to different age groups. Year 3 primary to Fifth and Sixth Form students are welcome.  Separate arrangements can be made for biology teachers who would be most welcome to bring their groups for botany related lectures and practicals.

The tours are to be held every Friday morning and are strictly by appointment.