Baroque Routes Newsletter 2001 The International Institute for Baroque Studies (IIBS) at the University of Malta is actively involved in numerous initiatives focusing on the Baroque culture of the Mediterranean region during the 17th and 18th centuries. The latest issue of the Baroque Routes Newsletter, edited by Dr Petra Bianchi, charts the activities, events and courses that have taken place over the last year.

The Institute runs a Pre-Tertiary Certificate Course in Baroque Architecture and a Masters degree course in Baroque Studies. "The principal interests of the Institute concern research activities and publications", writes Professor Denis De Lucca, Director of the Institute, yet the IIBS also promotes and initiates many other cultural activities related to the Baroque.

In May 2001, the Baroque Institute, the Manoel Theatre, and the Koperativa Kulturali Universitarja (KKU), together organised a Baroque Festival - a week-long event featuring concerts, recitals, an opera, an exhibition, and a symposium on the Baroque Theatre. A second edition of the Baroque Festival is now scheduled for May 2003. Other activities in 2001 included a visit by the eminent architect Paolo Portoghesi, and seminars on the Baroque Heritage of Valletta and Spanish Baroque architecture.

The Newsletter also contains book reviews, course descriptions, and two feature articles. In one essay, Peter Serracino Inglott advocates the revival of Baroque and theatrical elements in the liturgy, while Annabel Vassallo writes about the theatre-city of the Baroque Age.

3 February, 2002