Decision making in disability A paper by Dr Paul A. Bartolo, entitled "Naturalistic decision-making task processes in multiprofessional assessment of disability," has been published in the latest issue of the Journal of School Psychology, (Vol. 39(6), pp. 499-519) by the Society for the Study of School Psychology of the USA. The paper was based on Bartolo's doctoral research and is coauthored by Prof Julie Dockrell and Prof Ingrid Lunt from the University of London.  It was first presented at the VI European Congress of Psychology in Rome.  The Editorial of the same journal highlighted its methodology in describing the process of group decision making: "Their methods, which involve a means of organising and coding decision-making behaviours and interactions, illustrate for readers a potentially useful method for collecting data on complex social decision making as well as provide results suggesting how decision-making processes and results are constrained by input conditions and the nature of the context in which they are made." Another paper by Dr Bartolo  on "Communicating a diagnosis of developmental disability to parents: multiprofessional negotiation frameworks" has been published in the latest issue of the UK medical journal Child: Care, Health and Development, (Vol.28(1), pp. 65-71). A third paper by Dr Bartolo on "How disciplinary and institutional orientation influences professionalsí decision-making about early childhood disability" was recently published in the journal of Educational and Child Psychology, (Vol. 18(2), pp. 88-106) of the British Psychological Society.

14 February, 2002