The Precincts Office in collaboration with the Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja is offering two study units for which two extra curricular credits can be obtained by students - Body Language ­ Your body speaks and the Art of Mime. The course which is organized with the support of Bank of Valletta will be given by Krysztof Najdowski and is part of the programme, Art, Culture and Spirituality.

Applications for the first credit will close on the 15th October "Your Body Speaks" will start on the 25th November till the 30th November. Students are to collect the application forms from their respective faculties.

This course is intended not only for art, music and theatre students, but is aimed to reach those students who are interested in bringing out the artist in them but cannot do so through their full-time studies.

This is the challenge.  For some of us this "artist inside" needs to be awakened and encouraged to voice its original ideas, beliefs or genuine feelings.  Often it needs to learn how to express itself better.

Krysztof Najdowski (Poland), who runs an International Summer School of Theatrical Arts in Karkow (Poland) and also Effective Communication Skills Course in England. He is also developing and directing theatre productions based on the concept of movement theatre; both the training programmes and the theatre performances have been presented, so far, in 12 European countries, in the US and Asia.

This units will be open to persons from the public at a fee of Lm10 for the whole week. Further information can be obtained from Ms Anna Catania at the Precincts Office, University of Malta on 2340 3080/2236.

09 October 2002