Experience China 

The Chinese students at the University, in collaboration with the International Office and the Malta International Students Association (MISA), will, next week, be organising 'Experience China'.  The aim of this event is to present the new and dynamic China to local and overseas students.  During the three-hour programme, Chinese students will give presentations about the important traditions of China - folk art and crafts; Chinese medicine and traditional costumes as well as modern Chinese fashion; the very successful Chinese film industry and urban and economic development.

'Experience China' will take place on Thursday, 12 December at the Common Room at University House between 1100hrs and 1400hrs. Present at the opening will be Mr Leslie N. Agius, Director, International Office, Professor Roger Ellul-Micallef, Rector and H.E. Mr Yang Guirong, Ambassador of the Peopleís Republic of China. Equipment has been provided by the KSU and the Centre for Communication Technology and the activity is supported by the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine; the Xi Xi Chinese Restaurant & Malta Tai Qi society.  CampusFM will be recording the event.

Wu Wei models a traditional Chinese dress

11:00\11:15  Welcome by Mr Leslie N. Agius, Director, International Office
Professor Roger Ellul-Micallef, Rector
 H.E. Mr Yang Guirong, Ambassador of the Peopleís Republic of China
 Introduction to Experience China (Mao Xi)

11:15\11:20  Students Modelling Traditional Costumes (Wu Wei)

11:20\11:25 Presentation of Chinese Cities - Beijing (Gao Yun)

11:25\11:40  Kongfu Presentation (Wang Yilun)
 Live Performance (Michael Micallef)

11:40\11:55  Display of Chinese Folk Art & Crafts (Zhou Lili& Zhang Nan)

11:55\12:00 Fashion Show (Wu Wei)

12:00\12:05 Presentation of Chinese Cities - Shanghai (Gao Yun)

12:05\12:25 Guitar Performance (Li Jia)
 Diversity of Chinese music (Lu Fan)
           Solo Song - Good Man Good life (Shi Jianlin)

12:25\12:40 Varieties of Chinese Festive Celebrations (Li Xiaonan)

12:40\12:55 Paper-Tearing (Lin Jie)

12:55\13:10  Demonstration of Chinese Drawing (Chen Junheng)
  Calligraphy (Zhang Tong)
  Presentation (Ai Zheng)

13:10\13:15 Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr Wang Tianjun& Dr Chen Li)

13:15\13:20 Presentation of Chinese Cities - Hong Kong (Gao Yun)

13:20\13:40 Introduction to Chinese Movies (Liu Lu)

13:40\13:55 Operas (Shanghai teacher training group)

13:55\14:00 Costumes Show (Wu Wei)