International Workshop on the "European Monetary Union" in Gozo Supported by the European Commission

The Economics Department of the University of Malta is organizing an international workshop on the "European Monetary Union and Countries Applying for Accession to the EU", between 14 and 16 November, 2002, at the University Gozo Centre, Xewkija, Gozo. The project is supported by the European Commission.

The aim of the workshop is to finalize material for a course to be introduced in the Universities of the twelve countries participating in this EU project.
Participants from Eastern and Central Europe and from the Mediterranean region will be attending.

The themes of the workshop will cover historical/political perspectives, institutional issues, economic consideration such as the EMU Acquis, exchange rate arrangements, monetary and fiscal policies, and future scenarios following the adoption of the euro.

Maltese participants are welcome to attend.  More information can be obtained from Ms Rose Marie Azzopardi on 3290 2736, 51564559; Fax: 21564559; or via email