Evenings on Campus 2002
Connecting Cultures Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja will be launching this year's Evenings on Campus, a summer festival of cultural events, with a colourful programme of activities ­ colourful in content and form.

The 10th edition of Evenings on Campus will be marked by innovative initiatives such as the Children's Mini Festival, an evening performed by children for children. For this event which will be held on the 18th July, three childrenís choirs will be participating, Les Petits Chanteurs de Toul, St Martin's College Choir and the King's School Ely Chapel Choir.

For the first time, a cartoon exhibition will mark the launching of Evenings on Campus. The Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr Eddie Fenech Adami will be opening the cartoon exhibition on Monday 1st July at 7.30 at the Temi Zammit Hall foyer. The cartoon exhibition was co-ordinated by Gorg Mallia, lecturer at the Centre for Communications technology, reading for his Ph.D, and a cartoonist himself contributing exclusively for the Sunday Times. All cartoonists contributing to the Maltese papers, both dailies and Sundays have sent in their 10 best pieces published during the past year (June 2001-June 2002). Perhaps this is the first time in Maltese history that all cartoonists have come together irrespective of their political ideologies to intrigue, amuse and entertain the Maltese public. The cartoon exhibition will be open for the coming month, up till the 31st July 2002, between 9.00 to 12.00pm, at the Temi Zammit Hall foyer.

Also for the first time, Evenings on Campus has chosen a theme, 'Connecting Cultures'.  The University which hosts Evenings on Campus is a vibrant unity of cultures that intertwine and enrich all those involved. Student graphic designer Adrian Gauci, a 4th year communication student at the Centre for Communication Technology, has worked hard to set up an artistic colourful backdrop for the main stage which will reflect the cross-cultural dimension.  The backdrop for the main stage through a collage of photographs taken by Adrian of Maltese and international students.

Evenings on Campus is a celebration not only in its intercultural dimension but one that aims to promote and give prominence to Maltese artists by giving them qualitative space  to express their artistic and poetic insights. Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja believes that the Maltese singer-song-writers (kantawturi) are a genre of artists not valued enough. Some may never have heard what they have to offer. The Maltese 'kantawturi' are not commercial singers and their songs may never be played on radio programmes, but they reflect some Maltese sub-cultures or social realities which we may be ignoring. Some of these 'kantawturi' denounce child abuse, violence in the home, environment pollution. All of them sing about what we all experience, i.e., betrayal in friendship and love, life's pain and disappointment and last but not least ­ 'the things we do for love'.  The festival kantawturi to be held on the 12th of July, will host, Walter Micallef, Vince Fabri, Manuel Mifsud, Rita Pace, Aldo Zammit Borda, and Andrew Pace.

The Maltese Language, which was once so much a political issue notwithstanding it being purely a cultural medium for Maltese people, will be given prominence by the Ghaqda tal-Malti (Universitaí) who will be organizing its first Mikiel Anton Vassalli Conference. Vassalli, a patriot and scholar, and known mostly for raising national awareness of the value of the Maltese language. Dr Frans Ciappara will deliver a talk on the ëDiscorso Preliminareí, while Frans Sammut and Professor Oliver Friggieri will share their reflections with those present. The Rector, Professor Roger Ellul Micallef will inaugurate the restored Vassalli monument which was recently vandalized.

In collaboration with the film club, Evenings on Campus will show nine films this year. The films, all authored by very good directors, were chosen with the help of Dr Salvu Catania, an expert and lecturer on film, at the Centre for Communication Technology. The films all starting at 8.45pm will be screened for the first time this year indoors at air-conditioned Erin Serracino Inglott Hall. The entrance is Lm2.00

A highlight for this year is the play directed by Carmel S Aquilina, adapted from the novel by Professor Oliver Friggieri. The actors, Joseph Galea, Antonella Galea Loffreda and Charles Sammut are all known for their professional approach to the theatre and for their participating both in stage plays and television series. The play will be held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd August.

Another highlight taking place on the 25th July is the concert by popular Maltese singers and bands, Chris and Moira, Gianni, Colin and Friends, Luage and Paula and Alex.  A super night for the young who probably will not stand still on a chair but may resort to dancing.

The group Etnika, which is committed to the promotion of our local music using traditional instruments and the recovery of melodies and rhythms that have been long lost, promise an evening of unusual entertainment.  Renzo Spiteri and music student and musician Mario Frendo co-ordinate Serata Morricone. The music of Italian composer Ennio Morricone, famous for his beautiful film scores, will be celebrated in this very particular evening.

It is difficult to connect with others genuinely and effectively unless we connect to our inner self.  We are all living a hectic life, running from one thing to another, and it is difficult to stop, to be silent, to listen to our inner self. This yearís literary evening promises a journey aiming to touch those parts of ourselves that would otherwise be unresponsive. Poetry is a universal language of the senses, mind and spirit ­ language that connects us to our true selves and to what really matters. This evening, in collaboration with Poezija Plus, and co-ordinated by Vince Fabri, Marlene Saliba, Lino Buhagiar and John Grech, will be a literary evening with music, movement and visual art, celebrating the poetic self within us.

Popular British poet, Jay Ramsay, who will be the guest for the literary evening, will also be giving two workshops, 'The Poet in You' and ëSaying it Aloudí (both from 6.00pm to 9.00pm). Jay Ramsay, also a psychosyntenthesis therapist-healer, during the first workshop which will be held on the 19th July, will open doors to those who wish to find the part in them that wishes to write. While in the second workshop on the 27th August, Jay Ramsay will show us how to ëunlock our speaking voice with all its shades and nuances, and some of its glory.

Evenings on Campus will once again close with a fusion of Malta's young talent,  most of whom are university students. 'Young and Powerful' will have as protagonists Nadine Axisa, Karen Polidano, Julie Zahra and Ira Losco as special guest. This year we will have for the first time two young male participants, Roger Tirazona and Ludwig, who will be accompanying the women in romantic duets and also sing solos from their repertoires.

Evenings on Campus promises to provide a varied and interesting programme throughout July and August, aiming to offer quality numbers in the visual and performing arts, aiming to entertain its public once again this Summer. For more information contact the Precincts Office on 2340 3080 or 2340 2236.

Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja(KKU) wishes to thank its official sponsors, namely the Malta International Airport, the Bank of Valletta, the Ministry of Education and Nexos Lighting Technology.  Also all the other sponsors and all the persons who have worked to co-ordinate and collaborate to make this Evenings on Campus successful.

Anna Catania
Activities Co-ordinator (Precincts Office)
Evenings on Campus 2002
3290 3080/2236   9987 0433 (mobile)
website: http://campus.um.edu.mt/kku

1 July 2002