Eurachem-Malta activities Malta University Services (MUS), in collaboration with Eurachem-Malta and Cleaner Technology Centre (CTC), will be organising a seminar entitled "Getting Started on Accreditation" between the 28th to 30th May 2002.

This seminar will be delivered by Maltese experts in this field, who are fully aware of the unique problems that Maltese laboratories have to overcome in order to attain certification/accreditation. The seminar leader will be Dr George Peplow from the Department of Chemistry and the Malta delegate on the General Assembly of Eurachem.

The seminar will address the requirements necessary to implement  a programme of quality assurance principles with or without the aim of seeking accreditation. Further information may be obtained from MUS on Tel: 2131 3416/7, Fax: 2134 0979, or visit the Eurachem-Malta web-site

Eurachem-Malta plans to offer similar seminars and  workshops during the course of this year including a seminar on "Good Laboratory Practice" in September, "The Laboratory Quality Manual" in October and the first Inter-laboratory collaboration exercise, planned for the coming autumn. A workshop on "Traceability: a primary verification of laboratory competence" is planned for the winter of this year. 3 April 2002