Institute for Masonry & Construction Research Postgraduate Diploma and Degree of Master of Science in Conservation Technology for Masonry Buildings

The Institute for Masonry and Construction Research of the University of Malta will be organising the 4th postgraduate course on Conservation Technology for Masonry Buildings, starting in February 2002. Study areas covered during the taught course include Theory, Methodology and Policies of Conservation; Construction Materials and Processes; Environment and Monitoring; Deterioration Mechanisms; Interventions and Management. Topics covered will include: Conventions and Charters; Ethics in Conservation; History of Art and Architecture; Economics of Conservation; Documentation; History of Technology and Building Materials; The effects of Microclimate on Traditional Architecture; Sampling and Laboratory Investigations; Composition, Properties, Deterioration and Conservation of Building Materials including stone, mortars and plasters, metals, wood, ceramics, polymers and concrete; Masonry Structures; Structural Degradation; Condition Survey; Fabric Repairs and Modifications; Preventive Maintenance; Project Organisation and Management; Project Documentation; Problems associated with Archaeological Sites.

Eligible candidates include those who are in possession of an honours degree, of at least second class category, in a discipline related to architecture, civil engineering, material science, chemistry or physics. The course leading to the Diploma has a duration of one academic year of full-time study, the lectures being generally organised on three days of the week. The Postgraduate Diploma is awarded to those candidates who are successful in the final examinations. If an overall grade 'A' or 'B' is obtained, the respective candidate will be eligible to register for the course leading to the Masters Degree for which students are required to write a thesis on an original research project.

Further information can be obtained from the Institute website at: or by contacting the course co-ordinator Dr JoAnn Cassar, e-mail  or directly from the Institute for Masonry and Construction Research,

Application forms can be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office, Room 113, Administration Building, University of Malta or from the University of Malta Gozo Centre. Completed forms must be returned between Monday 7 January and Wednesday 16 January 2002 by 5pm. Late applications may be submitted up to 25 January against a late application fee.