Prize-giving Day at the Institute of Public Administration and Management

The first students to graduate from the Institute of Public Administration and Management received their diplomas on Tuesday, 19 November. Twenty-three students graduated Diploma in Public Administration, at the end of a two-year, day-release course. They are mid-career executives in the Public Service. Friday, 22 November was prize-giving day at the Institute. Four students received prizes for academic excellence and for contributing to the welfare of their colleagues. Following a practice adopted in leading European schools of public administration, a Patron was presented to the graduating class, a distinguished figure in the field who can serve as a role model for the graduates. Mr Albert J. Tabone, a pioneer in the training and education of public officials, was named Patron of the graduates.

The Institute of Public Administration and Management is a joint venture between the University and the Public Service. It offers a portfolio of training and education programmes to individuals from across the public sector, as well as fostering research. Since October of this year, the Institute has collaborated with the Department of Public Policy in running the course leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Public Policy: the Institute services the core course, as well as offering students the opportunity to specialise in public management. In January 2003, for the third year running, a group of academics and graduate students from the School of Public Policy at the University of Birmingham will be the Instituteís guests during a study visit on the theme of governmental reform.