Let Me Learn Project in Malta 

On Wednesday 20th November on the Super 1 discussion programme - D-bate, one of the resident guests of the Programme, Mr. Frank Fabri seemed to cast doubt about the continuity and the added-value of the Let Me Learn Project in Malta. The co-ordinator of the Let Me Learn Malta project within the Department of Primary Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malta, explained that on the contrary, the programme is expanding rapidly. This year 85 teachers in 6 schools will be certified in the let me learn process, in January 5 other schools will join the programme.  The Let Me Learn team is also supporting the Foundation For Educational Services (FES) in the training of Activity Teachers and other teachers involved in the Hilti and Id f'Id programmes.  The programme is also working with two independent schools.  Apart from the regular training in schools the Let Me Learn team has visited a number of other schools in which they presented the LML process to the respective teaching staff in support of the National Curriculum. This year LML also had three trainers certified, two in education and one for industry.

In the area of research the programme has guided a number of dissertations. This year two B.Ed (Hons.) dissertations were presented, one worked on the development of an observation instrument for identifying young learners' learning patterns and the other on the technical learner's experience of schooling.

The programme is also working on two publications. In both publications Let Me Learn will feature with a number of articles. The programme coordinated and edited a CD-ROM entitled Planning Kit. It includes lesson plan templates, schemes of work templates for all the subjects taught in Primary schools and an original electronic Learner Progress Profile.  These are currently being used by all student-teachers in primary schools in Malta and Gozo.

Finally, the Programme's audio-visual library is also growing steadily.  This year over Lm2500 worth of books was added to the library. Student teachers and an ever-increasing number of teachers are extensively using this library. It is also the official reference library for both the Inclusion and Primary Focus groups in support of the National Curriculum

"Our main objective," concluded Mr.Colin Calleja, the full time coordinator of the Let me Learn programme, which is supported jointly by the Education Division and the University of Malta "is to provide a practical technology for use on a classroom level so that every child might realize his full learning potential - where learning can be perceived as a holistic experience both from an academic and emotional point of view".