Position Paper on Integrating Marine Science in Europe

The Marine Board of the European Science Foundation (ESF) is issuing an innovative document entitled "Position Paper on Integrating Marine Science in Europe". The position paper will be officially presented at the launch conference on the VIth Framework Programme of the EU in Brussels next November. Dr. Aldo Drago, Director of Research at IOI-MOC, recently attended the meeting of the Marine Board and is currently engaged in distributing in Malta information concerning this ëPosition Paperí.

The ëPosition Paperí is based on extensive consultations with Europeís marine science community and focuses on three major strategic drivers: understanding and predicting the impacts and feedbacks of ocean-climate change; scientific and socio-economic basis for sustainable development of European seas and their resources; and the ocean as the ultimate frontier for research. The ëPosition Paperí offers a new vision on Marine Science in the ëEuropean Research Areaí. For the first time in Europe, the paper addresses all fundamental and societal aspects of Marine Sciences, from geosciences to socio-economic research. It also deals with scientific and technological developments, as well as long term observation needs, infrastructure management issues and outreach activities.
For further information on the ëPosition Paperí please phone on 21232493 or send an email to: ioi-moc@capemalta.net. You can also visit the website of the ESF Marine Board: http://www.esf.org/esf_genericpage.php?language=0&section=2&domain=3&genericpage=179#top