Prizes for Public Policy Students

Members of Staff, present and former students and their friends and families recently met together for an evening of academic discourse and to award the prizes to students of the Department who excelled during the course.  Two students, Chantal Sciberras and Christian Magro were presented with the Agenda on Campus Prize for best dissertations.  Two former students, Angelo Gafa and Edward Mangion, who last year graduated 1st class were awarded a special prize by Professor Godfrey Pirotta who in March was appointed Head of Department.  Mr Mangion is currently in Bruges where he is pursuing further studies in Public Policy.  The activity also included a lecture by Professor David Milne, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political Science at Prince Edward Island University Canada who spoke on the theme "In defence of Public Policyí.

L to R: Ms Chantal Sciberras; Professor Godfrey A. Pirotta; Mr Christian Magro