University Staff Welfare Committee focuses on Holistic Well-being One of the aims of the University Staff Welfare Committee is to bring together all staff categories around non-academic common interests.  This work fits in well with the University's objective of promoting activities aimed at enhancing the physical and psychological well-being of staff members.  One major activity that the committee was involved in was the launch of a health scheme for all staff members.  Another recent activity involved staff retired over the past two years, who were hosted to a reception in their honour, held as a gesture of appreciation for their work.  Professor Charles Farrugia, Pro Rector, acting on behalf of the Rector who was abroad, presented each member with a small memento consisting of a silver tray engraved with the University emblem.  Deans and Heads of Department of the respective ex-members of staff also attended.  The atmosphere was filled with nostalgia as those present recounted their many and varied experiences at work.  Professor Farrugia invited those present to propose suggestions on how the University could keep in touch with them and benefit from their valuable experience.

January 2002