Institute for Energy Technology Engineer as Fulbright Scholar in the United States 

Ing. Robert N. Farrugia of the Institute for Energy Technology has just returned from a three-months Fulbright Scholarship funded by the United States Department of State and the University of Malta, with the support of the University's International Office and the Embassy of the United States of America in Malta.

This grant enabled him to extend his applied wind research with the College of Integrated Science & Technology (CISAT) at James Madison University, Virginia.  Over this period, Ing. Farrugia was instrumental in reinforcing JMU's drive in favour of wind power as a renewable energy resource.  This research supported a number of wind initiatives currently being administered by CISAT.  These included the State Based Anemometer Loan Program, the Wind Powering America Initiative, the Small Wind for Virginia Now proposal, and last but not least, a bid to install JMU's own grid-connected wind turbine for the University campus.  These projects are sponsored by the US Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Ing. Farrugia applied his expertise in wind data verification, archiving and database procedures as well as site characterisation using computer simulation.  He also collaborated on a number of wind mast installs in Virginia.  During the course of his work he delivered occasional lectures and participated in exhibitions and discussions aimed at generating more awareness in that same State.  A number of papers are pending publication as fruit of these efforts.  His final presentation entitled "Fostering Collaborative Efforts in Wind Energy" was well attended and received.  This scholarship has enabled reinforcement of the existing technical and social ties between the two institutions and is envisaged to generate new means of cooperation between the two Universities in the near future.   JMU already has an established summer program in Malta, coordinated by the Foundation for International Studies, in which several University centres and departments collaborate.  More information relating to the respective wind initiatives may be accessed at: