The Scream 2002

Some forty smiling, solemn, tearful or angry baby faces stare at the reader off the cover of the 2002 edition of "The Scream" Magazine which has the banner "It's only a matter of time!" Turning to page two, the collage is repeated, the time is some twenty years later!

The eighth edition in the annual series of "The Scream" has recently been published. This is produced by Communication Studies students of the 'Printing Processes' class as a final project under the supervision of their course lecturer, Gorg Mallia. It provides the students with an opportunity to undertake and oversee a project from its initial embryonic state to final publication, drawing on their own creativity and skills in the process.

Students work together in teams, each one responsible for some aspect of the publication. Among the numerous tasks involved, advertising space must be sold, layout and graphic design of the various articles must be decided upon and burning editorial decisions must be taken. Although the magazine does not depend on a uniform layout so as to allow space for individuality, there is nonetheless, visual and thematic homogeneity.

Subjects dealt with in the interesting articles published this year set in a kaleidoscope of colour, include fortune telling, the topical trend of body piercing, illiteracy, hair tips, fashion and beauty tips, how to kick your smoking habit and many more ingredients besides.

"The Scream" 2002 has something for everyone! Copies may be obtained from the Centre for Communication Technology, University of Malta, or by sending an A4 sized,
stamped (18c), self-addressed envelope to G. Mallia, CCT, University of Malta, Msida.

Communications Office

9 July, 2002