T.I.E. by Teatru Qroqq. 

Teatru Qroqq are working on  a TIE (Theatre in Education) performance with which they will be touring Primary Schools coming October. Teatru Qroqq, under the direction of Ms. Isabelle Gatt co-ordinator of the Creative and Expressive Arts Programme within the Department of Primary Education, was founded in August 2001. The group, this year, is made up of final B.Ed students specialising in  the Creative Arts in Primary Education.

The main objective of Teatru Qroqq is to create theatre productions for schools. T.I.E. has a strong participatory element, children are placed in a dramatic fiction, they become involved in the events, interact with characters and are asked to make decisions in a crisis. The plot is such that the audience is led into problem-solving and decision making. Children take charge of their own learning and are empowered with the ability of effect change.

In Shantu and the Dragon, written by Mr. Alfred Mallia,  pupils are exposed to an imaginary world which has parallels  with the real world. In the imaginary world, Shantu, the protagonist, a young man, has his livelihood threatened because of polluted water. He decides to find the source of this pollution even if it means facing the unknown, fear, superstition and power. The script is  essentially about environmental issues, but it is also about finding oneís voice,  fighting for oneís rights, refusing to be exploited. As Murray Bookchin, aptly says in his book The  Ecology Of Freedom "the notion of the domination of Nature by man stems from the very real domination of human by human."

This TIE production is being partly sponsored by Comenius.

Rehearsals are in full swing for Shantu and the Dragon..