Tremor The ground shaking felt in several parts of the islands shortly before 6:00 am this morning was due to a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that occurred just north of Crete, Greece. The digital seismograph at Wied Dalam, Birzebbugia, operated by the Physics Department, recorded the event.

The station at Wied Dalam forms part of MedNet, a network of digital broadband seismographs installed around the Mediterranean region. Data from the Wied Dalam station is accessible at any time by telephone from the MedNet Data Centre in Rome, and can then be used by world-wide agencies to locate the epicenters of large earthquakes as rapidly as possible.

The station also records several earthquakes per year that occur in the sea bed around the Maltese islands, most of which are too small to be felt.

Dr Pauline Galea
22 January 2002

The  tremor that was felt at around 1:15am  this morning, 30.01.02 was due to a local earthquake of magnitude 3.5 that occurred in the seabed, around 10km off the south-east coast of Malta. The event is one of several that occur each year in the Sicily Channel and are recorded on the seismograph at Wied Dalam. There is no connection whatsoever between this event and the one that was felt last week, which occurred in the Aegean Sea.

Dr Pauline Galea
30 January 2002