European Summer School on Ageing and Health in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities Between 14-24 July 2002, Prof. Joseph Troisi participated in a European Summer School on  Ageing and Health in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities organised in Valencia, Spain by the Consortium of the European Masters' Programme in Gerontology. In November last year Prof. Troisi was nominated as a member to form part of the European Consortium responsible for the running of the European Masters' Programme in Gerontology (EuMaG). This programme is funded by the European Union. It is projected that this programme will start in February 2003. As a preparation, a summer school was organised which was attended by 22 participants from the following 9 countries, namely: Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. These included health professionals, policymakers, scientists and people professionally involved in gerontology\geriatrics, as well as students in the various fields of ageing.

The multi-disciplinary programme which consisted of lectures, workshops, group discussions, project formulation, etc. was directed by an international core staff of 11 experts in the various fields of social gerontology and gerontology coming from universities in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. The participants were also addressed by high officials from the EC Directorate of Public Health and Consumer Protection, as well as from the 6th framework. Sessions used to start at 9.00 a.m. and end at 7.00 p.m. with an hour's lunch break.

This 10-day summer progarmme was aimed at providing participants with detailed theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field of Social and Health Care Policy, Social Protection for Dependency in old Age, and Health and Ageing with a specific focus on international comparative aspects. The summer school provided students with the understanding of the meaning of added value in European Community wide and international collaboration, enabled participants to contribute effectively to the planning and policymaking in the field of ageing on the European arena, and facilitated networking and co-operation among participants from different present and future member states in the European Union.

During the same period, Prof. Troisi participated in two meetings of the Consortium of the European Masters' Programme in Gerontology. It was proposed and agreed that the University of Keele, UK and the University of Malta collaborate closely in sharing the credits in Social Gerontology. Other European universities will be responsible for credits in other areas of gerontology and geriatrics. It was also agreed to run another summer school during Summer 2003.

31 July 2002