VIA in the Chapel, University of Malta Planned to coincide with the Easter recess at the University of Malta, VIA brings together the works of artists Savio Deguara (b.1971) and Anton Grech (b.1965) in the circular interior of the university chapel. Loosely inspired by the theme of the Via Crucis, Deguara and Grech have proposed to chapel visitors two contemporary, yet different, visions of suffering. Deguara is showing a series of works on paper that imitate newspaper posters, with headlines reporting different moments from Christ's Passion. Grech has focused on the Stabat Mater theme, famous for its musical associations, but treated here from a sculptural perspective. Grech's work contrasts the suffering mother, presented as an abstract form in cast concrete, with a fragment of a plough, symbolizing her Son's cross.

The idea behind this exhibition is to invite viewers to see the works as extensions of the physical space. The religious environment of the chapel (recently refurbished) is not a neutral gallery space but forms an integral part of the installation of Grech's and Deguara's works within the space. In fact, the artists' works were produced with this space in mind. Rather than choose works from the artists' repertoire, curator Raphael Vella invited them to produce new work based on Christ's narrative of suffering for a temporary show at the chapel. The result is a small-sized exhibition that weaves together different themes: the relationship between art and environment, and the relationship between art and real suffering.

VIA is sponsored by the Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja and will be open to the public between 24 March and 21 April, 2002.

March 2002