Theatre Traffic
This year's series of Theatre Traffic events will be launched on Thursday 23d October  at the Manoel Theatre Café (7.30 p.m)  with an open discussion hosting the Hon. Jesmond Mugliett,  Minister for the Arts. Theatre Traffic is a cultural initiative organised by the Theatre Studies Programme (Mediterranean Institute) of the University of Malta, in collaboration with the Manoel Theatre.  In the first of this year’s discussion series: 'Lights on Theatre Traffic', Mr. Mugliett will be presenting cultural policy with regard to theatre. The discussion will focus on the perspectives for theatre in the Maltese islands.

Theatre Traffic is about to enter its second year of existence, after a very successful beginning last academic year. Its aim is to attract people with an interest in theatre and the arts to meet and share artistic experiences in an informal setting.  Theatre Traffic organises two main activities: 'Lights on Theatre Traffic', a series of open discussions on set themes, and 'Theatre Traffic Jams the Arts', a creative event which encourages artistic collaboration in a relaxed and friendly environment. Both events are held at the Manoel Theatre Café and are open to all members of the public free of charge.

This year's programme of 'Lights on Theatre Traffic'covers a wide range of themes. Following its launch in October, Theatre Traffic will shed light on Censorship (20th November), The Arts and Therapy (18th December), Direction (15th January), Performance and the Digital World (12th February), Passion Plays (11th  March), and  Malta, the EU and effects on Theatre (22nd April). A round up event is planned for the 6th of May. The discussions are held one Thursday a month at 7.30 p.m. They include encounters with theatre groups and companies who will be invited to discuss their performance work.

'Theatre Traffic Jams the Arts', held on Sundays, will take place on the following dates:
16th November, 7th December,  11th January, 29th February,  28th March,  18th April. For more information contact Dr. Vicki Ann Cremona at 2340 2988 or email: .