Association for Teacher Education in Europe
28th Annual Conference in Malta
24-27  August 2003

THIS year's ATEE's Annual conference is being held in Malta over four days. This conference attracts leading teacher educators from around the world to discuss the latest developments, research in the various areas of teacher education and learning. This year's conference theme focuses on the central part that professional trained teachers have to play in nurturing the learning society.

This conference will debate the implications of the coming about of the Learning Society for teacher education institutions. How can student teachers be prepared and equipped to become 'learning' and not just ėteaching' - professionals? What institutional structures and processes best facilitate the development of the intellectual and personal profiles that are open to new knowledge, and that are keen to innovate and to respond effectively to fresh challenges? In other words, how can teacher education institutions become learning organizations that embody the knowledge, skills, attitudes ­ and wisdom ­ that foreshadow and facilitate the coming about of the learning society?

These are the issues that are central to the work that will be discussed during the keynote, concurrent and research development sessions that will be held.
The Annual Conference is being organized under the aegis of the Faculty of Education and the University of Malta, and is supported by the Ministry of Education. The Conference will be officially opened by the Minister of Education, Dr Louis Galea on Sunday 24 August at 7.00pm.