13+ Years of AutoCAD Training

Participants of two recently completed AutoCAD Level 1 (2D modelling) courses organized by the Department of Manufacturing Engineering via MUS Ltd., were awarded proficiency certificates during a ceremony held on 29th July 2003 at the CAD Systems Lab in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malta. Course administrator Dr Ing. Jonathan C. Borg, Head, Department of Manufacturing Engineering  handed out the certificates to the successful participants together with Mr Charles J Falzon, Short Courses Manager of MUS Ltd.

During the ceremony, Dr Borg outlined the role CAD has in today's competitive commercial world were product solutions have to be rapidly conceived,  explored and effectively communicated to clients.  He stated that it was indeed of great satisfaction to the University that for the last 13 years, it has contributed via short evening courses to the professional training in AutoCAD of hundreds of participants including architects, engineers, interior designers and draughtsmen.  The unique 13 years of professional AutoCAD training experience gained by the staff members ensure that course participants rapidly become competent in the use of AutoCAD, both for 2D and 3D modeling.  Also of relevance is that successful MUS AutoCAD course participants are guided & supported to become certified as CADD members of the Institution of Engineering Designers (UK).    Similar 30-hour courses in AutoCAD 2D modelling and also in AutoCAD 3D modelling will commence shortly in October 2003. Courses' details and registration forms are available on website cadserver.eng.um.edu.mt or by contacting the MUS Ltd. short courses manager, Mr. C.J. Falzon on Tel: 2133 17 34, Fax: 2134 48 79 or email: cfal1@um.edu.mt.