Ms Emily Grech, manager of Bank of Valletta on Campus, on behalf of the Bank presented a donation of Lm500 to the Department of History of the University of Malta.  The donation will go towards the purchase of video recording equipment to further the study and development of Oral History, a project under the charge of Dr John Chircop.   Oral History is an approach to historical study, documentation and research that is fast growing in academic respectability and application.  History undergraduates are constantly required to take recorded interviews in connection with both their coursework and their dissertation.  Recorded tapes are then deposited in the department's 'archive' for use by other researchers. The Department aims to expand this activity and possibly extend participation in and access to it beyond the University's walls, to involve as many people as possible in the collection of national popular historical experiences.

LtoR Ms Emily Grech, Manager of Bank of Valletta on Campus;
Professor Dominic Fenech, Head of the Dept. of History, Faculty of Arts;
Dr John Chircop, Lecturer in the Dept. of History.

Communications Office
18 March 2003