Maltese Academic's Book in Catalan

Gramsci, Freire I LíEducació  de Persones Adultes. Possibilitats per a líacció tranformadora is the title of a book published in Valencia and in Catalan by Professor Peter Mayo of the Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education. The book has been published by CreC (Center de Recursos I EducaciÓ Continua) and is a translation of Professor Mayoís 1999 book, Gramsci, Freire and Adult Education. Possibilities for Transformative Action published by Zed Books, London and New York, and which went into reprint last December.

This is the first of four translations of this book. In the forthcoming months, the book will appear in German, Turkish and Portuguese. The German version is being published by the well known German publishing house, Argument Verlag, and is being translated by Dr.Uwe Hirschfeld, who writes an additional chapter on Gramsci, Freire and Brecht. The German translation appears under the title of Politische Bildung bei Antonio Gramsci und Paulo Freire. Perspektiven einer verandernden praxis and is already being advertised by, the German version of the online bookstore.

The book is also being published in Turkish translation by UTOPYA, Ankara and in Portuguese translation by the prominent Brazilian publishing house, ArtMed Editora of Porto Alegre.

The original English version of the book, which was distributed in the USA by St. Martinís Press, obtained very positive reviews in a variety of specialised journals including Harvard Educational Review, Comparative Education Review, Adult Education Quarterly, Community Development Journal, International Journal of Lifelong Education, Studies in the Education of Adults, International Review of Education, New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, New Zealand Journal of Adult Learning, Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, International Gramsci Society Newsletter; International Studies in Sociology of Education.

Professor Mayoís other books are The National Museum of Fine Arts (Midsea, 1997), Beyond Schooling. Adult Education in Malta (co-edited with Professor Godfrey Baldacchino, Mireva, 1997) and Gramsci and Education (co-edited with Dr. Carmel Borg and Professor Joseph A. Buttigieg, Rowman & Littlefield, Maryland, 2002). He has recently also edited the monograph, Adult Education in the Mediterranean and Beyond (with Klitos Symeonides and Dr. Michael Samlowski, German Adult Education Association-llZ/DVV, Bonn, 2003).