Presentation of Certificates at the University of Malta Gozo Centre

The Hon. Giovanna Debono, distributed certificates to 173 candidates who were eligible after they had followed courses at the University Gozo Centre between December 2002 and July 2003.  The "Award of Certificates" event was held on Wednesday 20th August 2003, at the Central Courtyard of the University Gozo Centre.

The following courses were offered:

  • "Word Processing & Spreadsheet for Office Work", coordinated by Mr Frank Tabone
  • "The Challenges of Today's Families", coordinated by Mr Laner Cassar
  • "Internet and Website Creation", coordinated by Mr Saviour Formosa
  • "Basis of Medicine", coordinated by Prof Maurice Cauchi
  • "Communication Skills", coordinated by Ms Ruth Falzon
  • "Coping with Negative Emotions", coordinated by Mr Laner Cassar
  • "SAGE - The Accounting Package" conducted by Mr Ivan Grixti.
  • The one-day seminars held were:

  • "Portraits of the Self" coordinated by Mr Laner Cassar;
  • "Understanding Dyslexia and Maximising a Dyslexic Student's Potential", coordinated by Ms Margaret Naudi Griffiths.
  • Minister Debono, commenting on the activities of the Gozo Centre, said that the partnership between the Ministry for Gozo and the University Gozo Centre is bearing fruit.  This year 26 students graduated with very good results after following courses at the University Gozo Centre. 21 obtained a BA and 5 obtained the B.Com degree.  She said that this is indeed a very impressive result and is a clear evidence that the University Gozo Centre is making a very important contribution to Gozitan society.  She said that in October 2003 new degree courses are going to be offered including the BA the B.Com and the M.A.  She stated that she is please to note that about 20 students have applied to join a Master Course in Gozo.  Referring to the short courses offered at the Centre, Minister Debono said that she is very pleased that these courses are attracting participants from all walks of life and of different age group.

    In his speech, Professor Lino Briguglio, who presided over the event, said that he was very pleased that so many students are seeing the need for further training and attending the courses offered by the Centre.  This already shows that the Centre is filling a very important void.  Professor Briguglio stated that the Gozo Centre is now considering offering summer short courses for foreign students as part of what is to be called the Gozo Summer University.  He thanked the Minister for Gozo and the University authorities for their continuous support of the Centre.