Evolving Industrial Relations in Malta 
The book Evolving Industrial Relations in Malta is a publication of the Workers' Participation Development Centre (WPDC) of the University of Malta, in collaboration with Agenda Publishers. It will be formally launched at a Press Conference being held on Monday 24th February 2003 at 9 am. The press conference will be chaired by The Director of Industrial & Employment Relations, Mr Frank

It will be attended by the 3 authors of the book - Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino, Mr Saviour Rizzo & Prof. Edward L. Zammit - as well as Mr Alex Farrugia on behalf of Agenda Publishers.

The publication is timely: the 320 page text comes in hot pursuit of the coming into force of the long-awaited Employment & Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) barely 7 weeks ago.

The book provides a series of critical articles about the state of industrial relations in Malta. These include reflections about the Pheonicia, Air Malta, Kalaxlokk and Freeport strikes of the 1990s; the state of social partnership; presence of trade unions in the Maltese private sector; the rise and fall of self-management at Malta Drydocks; what trade union members think about their unions; and the impact of European Union 'experts' in the evolution of local industrial relations. The book also includes a full copy of the EIRA; a number of appendices and an index. Mr Frank Pullicino has kindly provided the foreword.

This is the first book on such an important subject since Industrial Relations in Malta was written by Joseph Attard in 1984.
Copies are available from Agenda Bookshop at Lm6.95.