'An Evening with four Eurovision Singers'
held at the University Gozo Centre The central courtyard of the University of Malta Gozo Centre was the perfect venue for 'An Evening with Four Eurovision Singers' organised by the University Gozo Centre.  The event took place on Friday 22nd August with the participation of four Eurovision singers, namely, Ms Lynn Chircop, Ms Ira Losco, Ms Miriam Christine and Ms Claudette Pace.  Mr Charles Saliba compared the event.

The evening was introduced by Charles Saliba who gave a short account on the past activities organised by the Centre.  This was followed by the performances by Lynn Chircop and Miriam Christine.  They both shared their experiences regarding their participation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The second part of the programme included the performances of Ira Losco and Claudette Pace.  They also explained what it takes to perform for millions of people throughout Europe.

The event came to a grand finale with the performance of the four singers who performed their Eurovision song.

'An Evening with Four Eurovision Singers', was received with great enthusiasm by the big audience present.  Among the guests were the Hon. Giovanna Debono and the Hon. Anton Tabone.  This was a sure indication that the annual activity organised by the University Gozo Centre is becoming more popular among the Gozitans, Maltese and even tourists.