Gozo Lace Day 2003

The Lace Making Programme at the University of Malta Gozo Centre organised the annual event "Gozo Lace Day" for the seventh consecutive year.  The event, held on 4th May 2003 at the Gozo Centre premises, consisted of talks for the occasion and a number of exhibitions and demonstrations of Maltese lace.  In her introduction the Minister for Gozo, Hon. Giovanna Debono, praised the initiative taken by the Lace Making Programme of the Gozo Centre in organising this important event as well as conducting a number of courses on the subject.  Other introductory speeches were made by Professor Maurice Cauchi, member on the Board of the University Gozo Centre, Ms Consiglia Azzopardi coordinator of the Lace Programme, and Rev. J. Manicaro who delivered a talk on religious symbolism in Lacemaking.

The event included exhibitions of Lace Programme projects and textile crafts; demonstrations of pillow covering, card weaving, and information about short courses in different aspects of Maltese Lace. There were also a number of stands mounted by the Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat with lace making materials, including bobbins, thread, patterns, and finished lace.

Ms Consiglia Azzopardi gave a lecture on 'Evaluation of Maltese Lace' targeted members of the National Council of Women who visited the Centre for this event.
Mr Joseph Calleja, administrator of the Centre, stated that this event is proving to be very successful year after year, as indicated by the numerous lace makers and accompanying visitors who visited the Centre throughout the day from both Malta and Gozo.