New publication by Josef Lauri and Raffaele Scapellato

Cambridge University Press have just published the book 'Topics in Graph Automorphisms and Reconstruction' written by Josef Lauri of the Mathematics Department of the University of Malta and Raffaele Scapellato of the Politecnico di Milano. This book has been published in the London Mathematical Society Student Texts series, which consists of textbooks aimed at advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students.

The book grew out of lectures given by the first author to Masters students at the University of Malta and by the second author at the Università Cattolica di Brescia.

The aim of this book is to provide in-depth coverage of selected topics of graph theory, and throughout the focus is mainly on symmetry properties of graphs. Standard topics on graph automorphisms are presented early on, while in later chapters more specialised topics are tackled, such as graphical regular representations and pseudosimilarity. The final four chapters are devoted to the reconstruction problem, and here greater emphasis is given to those results that involve the symmetry of graphs.

As much as possible the authors have tried to present results and proofs that are not often to be found in other textbooks. It is hoped that a student who has mastered the contents of this book will be well prepared for current research in many aspects of the theory of graph automorphisms and the reconstruction problem.

24 April 2003