Improving Process Performance Performance Improvement through Intelligent Management
A Four Day Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA) Tutored Learning Event

MUS Ltd is organising a 4-day seminar in Improving Process Performance between the 9th and 12th June 2003. The focus of this learning event is 'performance improvement' as applied to all aspects of processes.  The first day and a half is devoted to understanding management systems and the processes that create value for an organisation and its stakeholders.  Included within this section are process analysis, process modelling (specifying, defining and mapping processes) and process measurement.

The next part of the event examines performance improvement techniques in terms of working smarter and attacking waste.  These essential and detailed techniques are supported by exercises to help delegates develop their skills in identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency of processes.  Following this section is a review of some of the standard improvement tools and exercises to achieve maximum knowledge transfer in the time available.

The final section covers the role of the consultant/facilitator and the way to achieve maximum impact in this role.

Important Note
About 60% of the time during this event is devoted to workshops and exercises based around case studies and delegates own processes.  To get the most out of this learning event delegates should consider carefully a business process, through which their organisation delivers one of its products or services, that they can bring to the event for analysis and examination.  Maximum learning is achieved through work on real situations brought to the event by delegates and then taken back to the work place for refinement and implementation.  Learning is consolidated through:

  • Small group discussions
  • Full group open interactive dialogue for learning and consensus
  • Application of learning and 'best practice' approaches to your organisation

    Why you should attend
  • To gain a basic understanding of process analysis, modelling and measurement
  • To develop the knowledge to improve the performance of business process
  • To develop specific skills in the process improvement tools and to be aware of the various tools available.

  • After this workshop

  • Delegates will be able to understand business systems management
  • Delegates will be able to specify and define a business process
  • Delegates will understand how to improve process performance

  • Methods

  • Sharing of 'best practices'
  • Small group (team) discussions/interactions
  • Full group open interactive dialogue for learning and consensus
  • Assessment of your own organisation in small groups
  • Application of learning and 'best practice' approaches to your organisation

  • Who should attend
    Directors, Managers, Process Owners and Consultants concerned with Improving Process Performance.

    LM300 per person

    Special Discounts available for block bookings!!!

    For further information please contact Mr C.J. Falzon on 21 34 35 72 or email:

    Tutor Profile:
    Michael Debenham is the IQA's Professional Affairs Manager and, as such, is the focal point for all professional and technical matters within the Institute and in the exchange of ideas and issues with other stakeholders in the UK Quality Assurance Industry.  Michael is a Fellow of the IQA and a Registered Senior Consultant with the IQA's management Consultants Register.  He also developed and delivers a number of the IQA training courses, for example 'The Process Approach ­ Management and Mapping,' 'Risk-based decision making' and 'Business Process Reengineering Examined'.

    Since the seventies and until joining IQA in 2000, Michael has been providing management consulting and training services to a wide range of international organisations.  Assignments have been undertaken for clients such as Woodside Offshore Petroleum, GEC Alsthom Signalling, BHP Petroleum, Santos, The UN Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Air 2000, Easy Jet, The Pipelines Authority of South Australia, Sydney Ports Corporation, The South Australian Department of Mines & Energy, Conoco Norway Inc, the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand and the EU experimental nuclear research laboratory, the Safety Technology Institute at Ispra, Italy.  Michael gained his personnel experience in management as a Director of the BIE Group from 1971 and as Managing Director of the BIE UK operation 1986 to 1991.