Children's Theatre 


As part of the celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Education, fourth year B.Ed.(Hons) students from the Department of Primary Education, have for these past months been working on four musicals and a theatrical collective creation.  These performances which are aimed at offering student teachers a unique experience related to their teaching career, whilst treating primary school children to an extravaganza of children's theatre. The titles of the performances are:

The students were in charge of all that a performance involves such as adapting scripts, writing lyrics to the music of popular songs, creating props to be used and directing the play.  In the collective creation which is based on a combination of fairy tales, the students were also responsible for writing an original script.

Each performance has been put up under the guidance of well-known children's theatre practicioners Carmel Aquilina, Mario Azzopardi, and Josette Ciappara, Isabelle Gatt and Lorrane Vella. Ms Moira Azzopardi Barbieri helped out with the music.

All church, government and private schools have been invited to attend these performances by the project-coordinator Isabelle Gatt. If anyone is interested in attending should contact Ms Isabelle Gatt on

The performances will be held in the mornings on the 6th, 7thth and 8th of May at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall (Assemby Hall) University. Tickets are free.

Rehearsals for L-Avventura fil-Foresta in full swing


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