Public Lecture on Sustainable Development and Design for Environment

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering will be organizing a public lecture by Prof Barclay of Liverpool John Moores University, UK, on Wednesday 7th May 2003, 16.45 hrs, at the Engineering Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malta. The aim is to help raise awareness on the design and manufacture of environmentally-friendly products in Maltese industry. This public lecture will focus on Sustainable Development (SD) and Design for Environment (DfE) and how these two inter-related approaches may be used for business growth and development through the application of "green design" principles.   During the presentation, the following topics will be covered

 What are SD and DfE?
 Why they are important locally and globally
 The emergence and development of SD/DfE as global issues and business drivers.
 Key issues in environmentally friendly product design
 Some case studies of SD/DfE application
 A framework for action.

To reserve your place at this public lecture, please phone Ms Melanie Ciantar Harrington on Tel: 2340-2061  or  email

Ian Barclay trained as a polymer technologist and worked for the Dunlop Company for 20 years, eventually becoming Technical Division Manager.  He was a member of the Dunlop R&D strategy group. Ian Barclay joined the Management School at Huddersfield Polytechnic in 1978, specializing in Technical Management. He joined Liverpool University in 1983 to specialize in new product development management and new business generation. He took the Chair in Technology Managemen,t with emphasis on SME development and growth, at John Moores University in 1996. He has written three books on managing product development, has over 50 refereed articles as well as conference papers etc.  His total research and European grant income to date is £3.5 million.