University of the Third Age [U3E] registration for academic year 2003-2004 The University of the Third Age [U3E], within the European Centre of Gerontology, will be receiving completed registration forms from older
persons wishing to enrol as members for the forthcoming academic year 2003/2004. The U3E was established in January 1993 and aims to provide "knowledge" as an end itself. Membership is open to all persons who have surpassed their 60th birthday, willing to pay a nominal feel of Lm5. The U3E programmes of study are specially planned to provide an intellectually challenging environment  and to promote an exchange of knowledge. Presently there are three centres, two in Malta (Valletta and Sliema) and on in Gozo (Rabat). Whilst at the Valetta centre lectures are held approximately four times a week , in the other two centres lectures are held twice weekly. As in past years, the Prospectus for this year covers a wide range of topics, including sociology, music appreciation, nutrition, philosophy, religion, anthropology, health, international relations, amongst others. Members are free to choose which units of study they wish to attend.

Registration forms may be collected from and handed in at the U3E premises in Valletta at 31, St. Christopher Street, (tel. no. 21243202) from the 15th September onwards from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.