DMSTE Dissertation Showcase

Once again the Department of Maths, Science & Technical Education of the Faculty of Education will be hosting the DMSTE Dissertation Showcase 2004 on Wednesday 25th February 2004, at 4.00pm at the Robert Samut Hall, Floriana. The event is an opportunity to share the research projects of B.Ed.(Hons) students with the local educational community. It also provides a bank of ideas for students who are either thinking about a dissertation proposal or are already engaged in a research project.

This year's research themes are: an agriculture education educational pack; nutritional knowledge and practices of secondary school students; a geography teacher's resource pack; the investigative component in home economics; a portfolio for science teachers; 6th form students' & teachers' views of mathematics; computer teacher certificate courses in Malta & the US; students' achievement and science curricula; an environmental education software package; and teaching physics through history.

Education Officials, Faculty Staff, Heads of Schools, Teachers and student teachers are all invited to attend.
The event is jointly sponsored by Indigo Bookshop and the RICTE programme (University of Malta).

To download full programme click here.