Microsoft launches the .Net Club at University of Malta
The Rector addresses the Press Conference

.Net Club provides students with more opportunities for practical learning and development of career-enhancing skills on Microsoft platforms
Microsoft .Net Clubs have been set up to help students to add a practical element to their academic experience.

Through supporting the clubs, Microsoft aims to enable graduate students to find employment and fit into the workplace more easily. It is hoped that the expected total number of student members in the .Net club at the University will be in the region of some 200.
"Microsoft .Net Clubs aim at facilitating peer networking among university students, local industry partners, and Microsoft. Most students come out of the university with minimal work experience; the .Net Club is there to help them realize their full potential", continued Pierre Mallia, business development manager for Microsoft in Malta.

The University .Net Club offers a number of advantages to members. Along with having access to local Microsoft events and receiving educational promotions on software, club members will also receive pre-releases of software and will also be able to participate in Microsoft development meetings. Guest speakers and training seminars at the University will help expand the students’ development expertise on the .Net platform.

As part of the .Net Club’s aims of giving students practical experience, two key initiatives are included in the programme: students will be able to take part in Microsoft-sponsored final year projects, giving them hands on experience with Microsoft as well as be eligible to compete for summer internships with Microsoft or its partners, providing another opportunity for them to develop their practical experience.

Pierre Mallia ended saying: "From our interaction with students, we felt a great deal of passion to learn more about technologies. The .Net Club helps us get closer to the students and the faculty to deliver on the club’s objectives."