Towards Innovative Educational Paradigms What do we mean by education in an information society? How can educational and training institutions adapt to the 'digital generation'? How can one exploit ICT to develop learning and training initiatives that respond to learners' and workers' evolving needs? What do we mean by Educational Technology within a Cultural context? How are Advanced Learning Technologies transforming the learning process? How can WWW-based Communities augment cooperative learning and anticipate on new-coming knowledge economies and multicultural societies?

These and other important issues will be discussed during a public lecture organised by the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. The guest speaker will be Professor P.A.M. Kommers from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He will deliver a lecture on: ëEducation in the Digital Era: Towards Innovative Educational Paradigmsí. A discussion will follow to elaborate on relevant topics.

Professor P.A.M Kommers is an international expert in the 'Design and Application of Digital Media to Educational and Training Contexts'. He is also a leading authority in Innovative Pedagogical Approaches. A prolific author about the impacts of ICT on Learning, Education and Cognitive processes, he published many books and is the editor of a number of International Journals related to digital technologies. He is a visiting lecturer and scientific consultant to a number of European and Japanese Universities.

The seminar will be held:
Date:  Monday 6th December 2004
Time:   15.00 hours
Venue:  The boardroom of the Faculty of Education, University of Malta.