E-MAPS: Mapping Future Opportunities The workings of the E-MAPS Programme, a 5-University, 5-Discipline European Masters funded by the European Commission, has now reached an important stage. The first year of the three-year long design phase which eventually will, in October 2007, launch the Masters Programme, is in fact now nearing its termination. Three annual conferences were planned as an integral part of the work-plan when it was originally made out for the grant request, one at the end of each calendar year of the programmeís duration.  Next week sees the first of these three conferences, the one which will formally launch the programme publicly on the 29 November.

The theme of the conference is E-MAPS: Mapping Future Opportunities. The main objective behind the conference is to sensitise the general public, in particular graduates and under-graduate students with a first degree in any one of the five disciplines of the programme ­ Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy, Performer Studies and Sport Sciences.  The conference papers aim to shed light on the concepts behind E-MAPS and the role each of the five disciplines will have in the Masters Course when it is launched.

Another important feature of the conference will be the insight it will provide into the work opportunities E-MAPS will open up to its graduates in view of the attention which the research and tuition will give to Memory and Learning as the basis of Creativity. An important contribution will, in fact, be given by Dr. Joseph Mifsud, who is the Head of the University of Malta European Unit and who represents Malta on key EU committees and networks in Education.  Dr Mifsud will also discuss the current stage in the developments surrounding the Bologna Process, especially in so far as these regard the mobility of students and lecturers to other universities. Mr. Joseph F.X. Zahra, the Programmeís Evaluator and the Managing Director of Market Intelligence Services Co Limited (MISCO) and MISCO International Ltd., will analyse Economicsí interest in Improvisation.  Prof. Josef Lauri, of the University of Maltaís Department of Mathematics, will do the final summing up of the conference, which will then be brought to a close with a working demonstration by the Academia de Capoeira.
The conference shall start at 9.00am, and it will be held at ActionBase Studio, 8/10 Triq il-For_a, Naxxar. For more information about E-MAPSí workings, as well as the conference programme and as to the whereabouts of the venue please send an email to stefan.aquilina@um.edu.mt or visit http://projects.um.edu.mt/emaps