University Film Club

Date: 03.04.04 & 04.04.04
Maltese Theme Nights
Films Showing: (Guzeppi, Chaterine, Untitled) (1970s)
Directed by: Cecil Satariano

Venue on 03.04.04:
Erin Seracino Inglott Hall (Lecture Theatre 1)
University of Malta
Time: 2000hrs

Venue on 04.04.04:
The Artisan Market, Baystreet, St Julian's
Time: 2000hrs

Cecil Satariano was a pioneer of cinematography who gained international recognition for works such as 'Chaterine' and 'Guzeppi'. 'Chaterine' is a film in English language and 'Guzeppi' is a silent movie based on a true story. In these films, we can see the traditional Maltese lifestyles, culture and festivities. These short films reflect the excellent qualities of a local movie maker, professional editing and beautiful Maltese scenes of the 70s and before.

Run time: (45mins X 3 approx.)
Language (English)

Date:    10.04.04
Film Showing: 'The Gospel According to St. Matthew'
Directed by: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Venue: Erin Seracino Inglott Hall (Lecture Theatre 1)
University of Malta

Internationally hailed by critics as his masterpiece, Pier Paolo Pasolini's 'The Gospel According to St Matthew' is a visually stunning, emotionally stirring film version of the life of Christ, based upon the writings of the apostle Matthew.

Pasolini's vision is both deeply religious and determinedly political, with the messiah portrayed as a peasant outcast, driven by anger at social injustice. Convincing performances by an entirely non-professional cast, impressive cinematography and an inventive use of music, from Bach to Billie Holiday, combine to great effect in this landmark of world cinema.

Language: Italian with English subtitles
Run Time: 2 hours and 9 minutes

Date: 17.04.04
Film Showing: 'One Hundred and One nights' (1994)
Directed by: Agnes Varda
Venue: Erin Serracino Inglott Hall (Lecture Theatre 1)
University of Malta
Time: 2000hrs

Agnès Varda's giddy, goofy love letter to the cinema reconstructs countless movie moments that have been shaken, not stirred, and poured out as a rich, heady cocktail. The phantom of a plot finds vivacious but aging film legend Simon Cinema (Michel Piccoli in a moppy blonde wig) spending his waning days reminiscing over the history of movies with the young Camille (perky, spirited Julie Gayet) and his best friend, an unnamed matinee idol identified in the credits only as "the Italian movie star" and played with great charm by Marcello Mastroianni.

The list of cameos is a veritable who's who of American and European cinema: Jean-Paul Belmondo,  Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Gina  Lollobrigida, Jeanne Moreau, Hanna Schygulla, and dozens more

Language:  French with English subtitles
Run Time:  101 minutes

Date: 24.05.04
Film showing: ‘Colonel Redl’ (1984)
Directed by: István Szabó
Venue: Erin Seracino Inglott Hall (Lecture Theatre 1)
University of Malta
Time: 2000hrs

The story of the Machiavellian rise of Colonel Redl and his ultimate downfall is a fascinating one, as is the meticulous depiction of central Europe in the years before the First World War. The period detail, including the recreation of the political intrigues of the Austro-Hungarian court, is impressive. The performances are outstanding, particularly that of Klaus Maria Brandauer (which should be no surprise to anyone).

For people who like intelligent movies made for grown ups, this film should not be missed.

Language:  German with English subtitles
Run Time:  142 minutes